Sensitive and beautiful woman

The name Miyoko draws its inspiration from the Japanese culture, being a symbolic name of the feminine, as this name was often assigned to queens and special women who had decisive roles in the country’s History.


MIYOKO, meaning "the generation of beauty" in Japanese, is a Portuguese brand born from the inspiration and eastern secular connection to beauty care. The Miyoko brings the eastern identity to the Portuguese market, more exotic and that provides its customers a different perspective. The name Miyoko is a symbolic name of the feminine, as this name was often assigned to queens and special women who had decisive roles in the country’s History. It is also associated to a beautiful lady known for her calm demenor and loving concern for others well being.


Miyoko drew its inspiration from a culture that chooses the simplicity and aesthetics as the symbols of its patrimony. The brand’s concept focuses on three main symbols:


Maiougi or the Japanese fan

The edge of the fan symbolises the birth and the blades symbolise the life paths. In Japan, fans accompany people’s lives from their birth until the time to seal a compromise.


Katana or the samurai sword

It represents the artisans’ perfection and mastery, being used for the practice of kenjutsu, the art to wield the sword. It has only one edge and its blade is rather curved (becoming an extension of the body and the mind).


Kanzashi or the traditional ornament

It’s a traditional ornament worn on the hair of ladies in Japan. Being made of coral and lime, it represents delicacy, elegance and sophistication.

Other cultural symbols are also visually present, such as: the Kimonos’ waistband, represented in the labels of the Scent Edition; the circle or Enso, which symbolizes enlightenment, strength and elegance in the Japanese culture; and the main colours, black and white, which are colours that convey balance, peace of mind and meditation, promote diversity and tolerance.

Love Your Skin

The skin is the mirror of our soul and interferes with the way we interpret the world and it interprets us. Therefore, we should cherish it and respect it. WE MUST LOVE OUR SKIN. So, our signature "Love Your Skin" defines our commitment concerning our attitude towards the skin care in the most delicate, balanced and natural way we can.

Scent Edition

A range of products for your daily routine with 2 distinct scents, which will take care of your skin while complementing you with a unique scent! Dermatologically tested products, that comply with the main care of the skin: cleansing, moisturizing and cell renewal. They are formulated with simple assets that meet and match the natural composition of our skin and at the same time promise leaving it pleasantly fragrant, and you with renewed energy.